Ohio VOAD Early Response Data Information

 Ohio Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster

“Communication, Cooperation, Coordination, Collaboration
Its’ that time of year when the Ohio VOAD must update the Members Early Response List. The Early Response list is the way your organization can help after a disaster and you are listed as the contact person for your organization. We need you current information and if someone new has been added, add their information also.
Organization Name _________________________________
Name ______________________________________
Address ______________________________________
City _________________________Zip Code _______
Phone numbers
Office _______________________
Cell _______________________
Home ________________________
E mail address___________________________
Second Person ___________________________________
Address ________________________________________
City __________________________________Zip Code _______________
Phone Numbers
Office ___________________________
Cell ____________________________
Home ___________________________
E-Mail address __________________________
Below are the categories used to ask for your help. Please mark the category (ies), add any additional information and return this information to Secretary@OhioVOAD.org or Brenda Hostetler 7188 North Crown Hill RD. Orrville Ohio 44667.
Blankets_______ Medical Supplies ______
Building Supplies _______ Mental Health Care ______
Case Management _____ Money ____
Chain Saw _____ Mud Out Crews _____
Chaplaincy ______ Networking _____
Child Care _____ Personal Care Kits ___
Cleaning Supplies _____ Patient Transportation_____
Clothing _____ Rebuilding Teams _____
Communication Center ______ Search and Rescue_____
Communication Coordination _____ Shelter Trailers _____
Communication Radio _______ Shower Trailers______
Cots _____ Truck Transporting ____
Counseling ______ Volunteers ______
Community Organization _____ Volunteer Coordination _____
Debris Removal ______ Volunteer Reception Centers ____
Donation Management _____ Volunteer Database _____
First Aid ______ Warehousing ____
Food _____ Warehousing Management ____
Fund Assistance _____ Working with LTRC ____
Help Call In _____ Spiritual Care _____
Home Repairs ____ Cleaning Kits ______
Mass Feeding ____ Clean-up Kits ____
Animal Care ______
Other ways of helping:
Thank you for your help. Others will benefit from assistance in a time of disaster.
Thanks you,
Brenda Hostetler