Ohio VOAD Fall Conference

Ohio VOAD Fall Conference

November 3, 2017

Crossroads Center

2095 West Fair Avenue, Lancaster, Ohio

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Ohio VOAD and Disaster Volunteer Coalition joint fall conference 2016

"Beyond Response: Joining Forces to Serve in Disasters".  

Advocating for Volunteers  Sima Merick, Executive Director of Ohio EMA addressed long term needs for volunteers in places like Flint, Michigan, now on day 277 of response to the water crisis, delivering water and water filters.  Flint, MI, will need volunteers for the next 2-3 years.

How to Recruit and Keep Volunteers presentation by Karen Camella

Postings of Volunteer Opportunities, matching volunteers with needs. -- Erie.Voly.Org -- ConnectionsVolunteerCenter.org

Here Comes the Cavalry!  Brad Gilbert, Wood County EMA Dricetor, and Chris Diefenthaler presented a case study of 2012 tornado response in Wood County. 

Encountering the Unexpected by Olen Martin, Lorain County Drug Task Force

Think Inside the Box - Plant Seeds, Grow Resiliency by Shannon Ditz, Huron County Public Health / Medical Reserve Corps 

Volunteer Manager Roundtable: Managing Chances, Skill Set Transfer, Finding Your Mission

Shelby House: We enjoyed a presentation of the "Shelby House" ("Shelby" meaning "sheltered") building plan. This home can be assembled on site by 4 people in 2-4 days, allowing those displaced to retain their same address while their home is being rebuilt. Utilities are self-contained, with no permits required. Built to withstand hurricane force wind, this home is designed to house a family of 4-6 people. Cost is approximately $12,000, which includes loft sleeping area, water and sewage tanks, solar panels, stove and refrigerator. The home can be dis-assembled in a couple days and stored for future use. For more information, contact First UMC of Ravenna or secretary@ohiovoad.com

Active Killer and Emotional Support presentation by Erie County Sheriff and Law Enforcement Chaplain.

Recognition of Service to Ohio VOAD: Roy Nelson (pictured) and George Siddell.

Presentation Tables from Harp Mission, Huron Medical Reserve Corps, North Coast CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), Salvation Army, and Ohio VOAD.


Thank you to Disaster Volunteer Coalition, our partner in putting on this conference !















Sima Merick, Executive Director of Ohio Emergency Management Agnecy