Fall Conference 2017




To all Ohio VOAD members and friends.


Regretfully we are cancelling the Ohio VOAD Conference scheduled for November 3, 2017 in Lancaster, Ohio.    Registration for this event was under two dozen. The large number of volunteers that have been deployed to support recovery efforts in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, The Caribbean, and Mexico greatly diminished the normal number of participants for this yearly event.


We “Thank” the presenters for their willingness to provide a quality presentation for this conference.  As we plan for the 2018 Conference we will be inviting you to consider participating with us again.  “Thank You”


For those who paid the registration fee, your checks will be returned and Pay Pal registration fee should be credited to your account. If you have any questions please ask Brenda, Secretary@Ohiovoad.com.


Thank you for being willing to participate in our conference and to those who registered, your willingness in wanting to attending our conference.


Erin Cordle, Chair of Ohio VOAD