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Ohio County Declarations as of March 18, 2019
Noble County - Flooding - March 4, 2019
Brown County - Flooding - March 4, 2019
Meigs County - Flooding - February 28, 2019
Perry County - Flooding - February 28, 2019
Morgan County - Flooding - February 25, 2019
Muskingum County - Flooding - February 20, 2019
Vinton County - Flooding - February 20, 2019
Ross County - Flooding - February 19, 2019
Monroe County - Flooding - February 19, 2019
Jackson County - Flooding - February 15, 2019
Guernsey County - Flooding - February 14, 2019
Pike County - Flooding - February 11, 2019
Summit County - Opiate Crisis - October 25, 2017
There are no reported county EOCs open for response operations.
Ohio is currently conducting joint Preliminary Damage Assessments (PDAs) with FEMA, in 20 counties. Ohio is working to document damage in view of requesting FEMA assistance for Public Assistance in affected counties. Public Assistance is for local governments is repair infrastructure and public resources. This will NOT be a request for Individual Assistance to individual homeowners.



If you have a request for help from Ohio VOAD member organizations, please contact

Ohio VOAD Disaster Coordinator, Mary Bates

Office:  740-365-0052 

Cell: 740-509-1132



Ohio VOAD Chair, Erin Cordle



Ohio VOAD Brenda Hostetler

VOAD Office: 330-930-0506




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FEMA Disaster Reporter

The purpose of the FEMA Disaster Reporter is to crowdsource and share disaster-related information for events occurring within the United States, allowing citizens, first responders, emergency managers, community response & recovery teams, and others to view and contribute information on a publicly accessible map.

The Disaster Reporter is a feature in the FEMA App that allows users to take a photograph in a disaster area and submit it, along with a short text description.  All approved disaster-related photos and text are posted.

Access FEMA Disaster Reporter here      Download the App here




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